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Nice, France – Maps/In the Area

I. Castle Hill

Getting to the top requires a nice walk up the hill (all paved, some steps) or an elevator ride. There is a very nice park at the top with doggie area, kids area, playscape and small cafe. The views are unbeatable!

II. Old Town (Vieille Ville)

A great variety of shops and restaurants, though some were very touristy. Architecture and pedestrian-only walking areas were the highlights.

III. Promenade des Anglais

Spring through to Easter is an excellent time to visit — not too hot or crowded. You can walk right around to the old harbour: it's a bit of a stretch but there's a water fountain on the way, and the whole route is pedestrian-friendly. All the beautiful people are out jogging and it's an experience to treasure. Walk back through the old town afterwards and take in the street market to complete a lovely morning's outing. The architecture along the front is very fine — lots of Deco casinos etc., and plenty of seafoody lunch opportunities if you fancy.